Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just some cute recent pics of baby Ty

He is just starting to smile. It is so fun! I forget how much fun each new stage of development is. Sometime he will just go out cold on my bed while I am getting ready and I love this pic of his little arms out.

Here he is in his new duds, getting ready for his first Sunday at church. He was so good! He slept the whole time!
Precious little piggys.

Ready for another Sunday. Got his tie on and everything! What a good little boy.


  1. why hello mini Emmie.....what a cutie pie. I'm DYING at his beanie. He's DARLING!!! I need me one of these!!!! love you wend!

  2. He looks completely different than when we were there (of course)! Love his little guts!

  3. Man when you post you sure do post.

    Very cute pictures.

  4. Truly scrumptious! LoVe the lil piggies shots!!

  5. What a cutie! I can totally see your girls in him.

  6. So fun to catch up with your sweet family. Glad we have blogs or I would never know anything about any of my friends other than the quick hello and good-bye at the gym with an occasional we are moving, or other info thrown in...
    Your kids are darling. And I just want to squeeze Ty he is so sweet.