Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Years 2010!

I had to put this image on here. Uncle Wado wears some of the best shirts-who knows where he finds them, but that is not the point. This one happens to be my girls favorite (mine too). So just picture this shirt-it is bright yellow with this image on the front. So funny! You'll never eat another Easter Chocolate bunny without thinking of this image. I love it! Aunt Heather enjoying our lazy New Years Eve day, snuggling baby Ty.
Uh oh, whenever Cam has his beanie on, it means he is sick. So of course, Cam was throwing up for new years Eve. What a way to ring in the new year!

The two geeks spending New Years Day with us and...of course their computers!
About 8 o clock we started playing some games the kids. This game was so much fun to watch-and especially fun to listen to them play. Roll the dice, and if you get doubles you have to put on the gloves and then try to open the candy bar with spoons in your hands.

Kaylee finally got the bar opened and was eating as much as she could, as fast as she could.

We decorated gingerbread houses about 9 o clock.

Look how cute they turned out.
Look at these two. The last of the little guys on my side of the family. They are about 4 months apart and couldn't look more different! Hopefully, they will get the chance to be buddies. Ty on the left and Luke on the right.
We started the movie of Napolean Dynamite about 10 o clock. We only lost a few little people to sleep before the movie was over.

I forgot how funny this movie was! Noah enjoyed this movie-close up.

This is how baby Ty decided was the best way to spend New years. I agree.

Most of the little people made it to Midnight. We had sparkling "champagne" and they all had to do their "cheers".

I couldn't believe Jaynee made it all the way to midnight.

Jaynee and Addie did about 50 "cheers" while sitting there.

Midway city did some fire works at midnight and Ty and Heather's place has a huge deck that overlooks the city. So fun to be together this year.

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