Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had to get a picture of them coming down the stairs and poor little Jo it took her so long! Jaynee got her "barbie" bike, Emmie an art table and silly Santa brought Kaylee some rollerblades. Attached to those blades was a note letting her know that if she worked really hard in her physical therapy she could be using those blades by summer time.

I just thought this was a cute pic-with her little crutches behind her. Sometimes I would honestly forget that she was on them, and they I would hear her little clink clink and I would find myself sad. She is so young to have this, and she is being such a good trooper about it. But, we are grateful that she is doing so well, that the surgery was a success and that she is healthy; it could ALWAYS be worse.

This is how baby Ty enjoyed his Christmas morning.

Grandma bought all the little girls nightgowns. Whenever they sleep at grandma's, they like to wear her nightgown. So she decided to buy them all their own! So cute!The only one missing is Lauren (she got a different-more "grown up" present from grandma.)

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