Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kaylee and her torn ACL

Pre-op...she was excited-she didn't know to be scared. Here is the story (shortened version). She was jumping on her 2nd cousin's trampoline, went up in the air and someone pulled her legs down. She immedietely heard a pop and was in so much pain. We took her to the Dr. and they told her she sprained her MCL. She recovered (or so we thought) about a week later. She decided she was feeling okay to dance around in the living room, and about 5 minutes later she pivoted and apparently her knee didn't and this is where we think she tore her ACL. A week later, the MRI results showed a torn ACL, a sprained MCL and bone bruising. So here we are. Primary Childrens' with an orthopedic pediatric knee surgeon-Dec. 17th. This is about 2 hours after the surgery. It took her a LONG time to come around. Thr surgery was about 2.5 -3 hours. They actually took part of her IT band and grafted it into her knee-to take place of the ACL. This way, they didn't have to drill into her growth plates and potentially damage her growth.
Icing, icing and more icing!!! Kaylee lived on the couch for a week or so. Next step-6 weeks of crutches and physical therapy. She is a really good sport!

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