Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just some cute recent pics of baby Ty

He is just starting to smile. It is so fun! I forget how much fun each new stage of development is. Sometime he will just go out cold on my bed while I am getting ready and I love this pic of his little arms out.

Here he is in his new duds, getting ready for his first Sunday at church. He was so good! He slept the whole time!
Precious little piggys.

Ready for another Sunday. Got his tie on and everything! What a good little boy.

Some images of January

This is Jaynee's boyfriend. I spotted her one night and got the camera. I wish I had the video camera because she was talking to him, and kissing him and laughing like they were so in love! She named him Jake. If you can't tell, this is the post on the end of my bed and she put my sweatshirt on it to make it look like his head. Girls, girls and girls! I am in trouble with this one. Just a side note. While I was blogging this, Emmie walked up and looked at the picture and with no hesitation in her voice says "there is Jaynee hugging Jake!" So funny that even she knows who this Jake is that a I guess lives in our house. This is Nana Chatfield. We went up and saw her in January. She is doing so well, and is amazing for her age. We are grateful that she was able to meet baby Ty.
Kaylee Jo in her piano recital. She played two pieces-Brady bunch and Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas. She did so well and didn't even seem nervous!

New Years 2010!

I had to put this image on here. Uncle Wado wears some of the best shirts-who knows where he finds them, but that is not the point. This one happens to be my girls favorite (mine too). So just picture this shirt-it is bright yellow with this image on the front. So funny! You'll never eat another Easter Chocolate bunny without thinking of this image. I love it! Aunt Heather enjoying our lazy New Years Eve day, snuggling baby Ty.
Uh oh, whenever Cam has his beanie on, it means he is sick. So of course, Cam was throwing up for new years Eve. What a way to ring in the new year!

The two geeks spending New Years Day with us and...of course their computers!
About 8 o clock we started playing some games the kids. This game was so much fun to watch-and especially fun to listen to them play. Roll the dice, and if you get doubles you have to put on the gloves and then try to open the candy bar with spoons in your hands.

Kaylee finally got the bar opened and was eating as much as she could, as fast as she could.

We decorated gingerbread houses about 9 o clock.

Look how cute they turned out.
Look at these two. The last of the little guys on my side of the family. They are about 4 months apart and couldn't look more different! Hopefully, they will get the chance to be buddies. Ty on the left and Luke on the right.
We started the movie of Napolean Dynamite about 10 o clock. We only lost a few little people to sleep before the movie was over.

I forgot how funny this movie was! Noah enjoyed this movie-close up.

This is how baby Ty decided was the best way to spend New years. I agree.

Most of the little people made it to Midnight. We had sparkling "champagne" and they all had to do their "cheers".

I couldn't believe Jaynee made it all the way to midnight.

Jaynee and Addie did about 50 "cheers" while sitting there.

Midway city did some fire works at midnight and Ty and Heather's place has a huge deck that overlooks the city. So fun to be together this year.

Baby Ty's big day

December 27th was his blessing day. We wanted to be able to bless him when his uncle Wade was in town from Texas, so we ended up blessing him at him; which was such a wonderful place and day. I really enjoyed being able to do this at home, and to have all those who love him here. The spirit was in the home all day.

The circle of men at Ty's blessing. Its a little hard to look at this picture, because there really is someone missing. But I believe Dad was here, but we just couldn't see him. I really believe he is able to come to certain earthly events of his loved ones, and I believe he was here. What a wonderful group of men. I love them all and am so happy they could share this day with us.

Christmas 2009

We had to get a picture of them coming down the stairs and poor little Jo it took her so long! Jaynee got her "barbie" bike, Emmie an art table and silly Santa brought Kaylee some rollerblades. Attached to those blades was a note letting her know that if she worked really hard in her physical therapy she could be using those blades by summer time.

I just thought this was a cute pic-with her little crutches behind her. Sometimes I would honestly forget that she was on them, and they I would hear her little clink clink and I would find myself sad. She is so young to have this, and she is being such a good trooper about it. But, we are grateful that she is doing so well, that the surgery was a success and that she is healthy; it could ALWAYS be worse.

This is how baby Ty enjoyed his Christmas morning.

Grandma bought all the little girls nightgowns. Whenever they sleep at grandma's, they like to wear her nightgown. So she decided to buy them all their own! So cute!The only one missing is Lauren (she got a different-more "grown up" present from grandma.)

Kaylee and her torn ACL

Pre-op...she was excited-she didn't know to be scared. Here is the story (shortened version). She was jumping on her 2nd cousin's trampoline, went up in the air and someone pulled her legs down. She immedietely heard a pop and was in so much pain. We took her to the Dr. and they told her she sprained her MCL. She recovered (or so we thought) about a week later. She decided she was feeling okay to dance around in the living room, and about 5 minutes later she pivoted and apparently her knee didn't and this is where we think she tore her ACL. A week later, the MRI results showed a torn ACL, a sprained MCL and bone bruising. So here we are. Primary Childrens' with an orthopedic pediatric knee surgeon-Dec. 17th. This is about 2 hours after the surgery. It took her a LONG time to come around. Thr surgery was about 2.5 -3 hours. They actually took part of her IT band and grafted it into her knee-to take place of the ACL. This way, they didn't have to drill into her growth plates and potentially damage her growth.
Icing, icing and more icing!!! Kaylee lived on the couch for a week or so. Next step-6 weeks of crutches and physical therapy. She is a really good sport!

Christmas Dance Recital

I know this image is blurry, but I loved Jaynee's little body in this and had to put it in. She is the one in the front with the 3 little girls in a row in their tutu's and she is in the middle. This was the finale. The three girls after their performances. Kaylee really wanted to be able to do this before her knee surgery, and we barely squeeked it out-6 days before her surgery. If you look close, her left knee is bigger than her right; she has a large "bionicle" looking knee brace on.

This was Jaynee's first turn on stage! She has lived for this moment for as long as she can remember! It was so fun to watch her do her little groove! She is such a little "girl"-the hair, the makeup, the pink costumes...she loves it all.