Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sprague Reunion

We made a quilt for part of the reunion, and these were the little needle threaders. I would poke my needle down, and about 10 seconds later a little wobbly needle would poke back up so that I could pull it through. They got so good at it that I never had to tell her where to put the needle back up through-it was really pretty funny to see all these little needles wiggling up from the bottom of the quilt.
Hey Linds-had to post it! What is this a picture of? Showing a bit of "pre marriage jitters?" Jeremy made his official debut at the reunion-what a great guy! So happy for you Lindsey!
For every 15 minutes that you work on the quilt, you get to put your name in a bucket and then at the campfire at night with smores, grandma pulls a name out, and you get the quilt. Well guess who only worked 15 minutes on the quilt, but won? ME!

Going, going gone! The next three pics show Jaynee doing her best dive.
Nice form...
Who needs a pool any bigger when you can dive like that!
Kiley with his "jazz hands", proudly celebrating his victory on the tandem bike. Sometimes when we get together, we ride the tandem bike around the block as couples to see who can get the fastest time. Kiley and Christy have managed to win each time...just wait-one of these times I won't be pregnant, and then we are on for a real match!

So Kaylee took my place this year and did a great job! She is my little dare devil-look how she rode the whole time; why not? Make dad do all the work and just go along for the fun ride.
This was Jaynee's ride. Grandad let her ride the bike back to its home. She felt so special. Grandma and grandad have such a fun yard for the kids-a "secret garden", a play house with bushes all around for collecting berries and leaves for salads made in the play house, a big garden, fruit trees, a fire pit and lots of room to run and play. It is going to be a great memory of my kids childhood someday and I am so happy they live close enough that we can visit 2-3 times a year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jaynee turns 3!

I watched Jaynee get on her cousin's scooter one day, and cruise around-so we decided that she could have one for her birthday. She loved it!

Here she is just moments after she opened it-she had to go and try it out right away. She just seems too small to be able to ride it!
I am so glad we have really wide sidewalks, away from the road so that she has plenty of room to cruise around and crash!
She got this purse loaded with goodies from her Aunt Amy! The evening of her birthday, we hiked from Aspen grove, up to the falls and she had to do the whole hike with it around her. She is such a girly girl.
Here is the whole crew on our way up! Lets see if we can all make it!
Yeah, I know my belly is in the way, just look past that and try and find Jaynee. She loved this part. This was my view most of the way-she just took her sweet time and we were quite a ways behind the rest of the group-but she didn't care. She was picking flowers, singing songs, looking for bugs and who knows what else. I was just happy she was going nice and slow and enjoyed listening to her chatter all the way up.
"Follow me mom"
This was our destination. Such a great hike! Even paved the whole way!
Kaylee Jo posing for a shot. She loved this hike. She is my outdoorsy, get dirty, explore girl-this was right down her alley.
The whole crew made it up. This pic doesn't show the "motors" behind Landon's or Eva's stroller; but we all made it to the top.
So pretty! Amazing views on the way back down.
This was the other amazing view! I had to take it! Jaynee decided she was done about 3/4 of the way down the trail, so Cam let her hitch a ride. Good thing it was only grandma and I getting the cute view!
Happy Birthday Jayne! I can't believe you are three!! Where did the time go?

Peaceful Sundays

Just a bit of love given to Kaylee from her little sister Jaynee. Look at her face!! She is actually enjoying that! Poor Kaylee!
When she pulls, she pulls until she gets a fistfull of hair-she has only done it to me once, but Kaylee... way too many times to even try and count.
Just filling up on some of dad's sunday treats-the same each Sunday-HUGE DAD SIZED COOKIES! Too bad I still count them as one cookie each and can eat at least 4 of them!

Here we are-with another quiet Chatfield Sunday afternoon, filled with loads of sugar for the kids provided by Cameron's life size chocolate chip cookies, and plenty of fist fulls of Kaylee's hair in Jaynee's hands! AHHH! This could quite possibly be the longest day of the week for me!-and it seems to repeat itself each Sunday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Emmie turns 6

This is what it looks like when your daughter wants to invite all of the neighborhood, plus her little friends from school! We had 15 little girls, all under the age of 7 at our house for Emmie's little party. It was so fun though.
We had the typical birthday party at the house, and then I allowed her to take 3 other little friends to "Color me Mine". Emmie loves to do art, especially anything to do with painting, so Color me Mine was a hit. I can't believe she is six!!!

Cedar City

I had to take this picture. I have one very similar with Emmie and Kaylee. This is at Cam's parents house. The girls LOVE to go there every summer and play in their yard. It really is so great! They have a flat lot, with a "secret garden", a play house surrounded by little bushes that kind of hide it, a fire pit, a big garden, lots of fruit trees and a quiet little neighborhood. I never fully appreciated it until I had 2 kids, and found out how relaxing and quiet it is to go. Also, my mother in law kept some of the greatest toys her kids had while growing up and it entertains the girls for hours! I can remember going to my grandma and grandpa's house while growing up, and it was such a magical place. I think this is similar to how my girls feel about going to Cedar to see their grandma and grandad. I truly have the greatest in-laws!

Orem Summerfest 2009

Jaynee "proudly" riding the horsey on the merry go round at the summerfest. This is a 6 year tradition of our family and the Wiltbank family to go together. It started when we lived next to each other, and is still going.
I have pictures almost identical to this of Kaylee and Brecken, who are now on the "big kid" rides and don't have time for the baby rides. This is Jaynee and Jaxton.

This year was WAY different! There was a huge storm-one of the worst I have experienced out doors-if I was inside-it still would have been bad, but not like this. We could see the clouds coming, and we ran for cover under the pavillion. We hunckered down and put umbrellas on one side of us to block the horizontal blowing rain! It was so crazy-I laughed most of the way through it, however, you can tell Jaynee was not amused.
Steven was part of our "wind block". He and Cam held the unbrellas up and their legs were pelted with the rain, but hey...we stayed warm and dry thanks to those two. This is part of why we LOVE Steven-always a big smile, always willing to help and always making the best of ANY situation. Love you guys!

Memorial Day 2009

Grandma helping Andrew (Wade's oldest) tie his card onto his balloon. We gave each grand child a card and had them write a message to grandpa, and then we "sent" them to him on the white balloons.
Ty keeping Noah (Wade's youngest) busy. Noah is a wanderer and is happy to just go exploring anywhere he can.
Erin helping Addie and Drew write their letters.
I had to put this picture in of Jayne. Such a fun age! Don't grow up!
This was my girls first time seeing the headstone. I am grateful that mom brought me up here two days before, so that I could be here alone, without all the kids, and have myself some time to get used to this. It is strange, but if I just don't have to face things like this, then sometimes I can get through a few days or even a week without a little breakdown. Unless you have experienced something like this, seeing things that are so "obvious" like this, you can sometimes make it through the day. However, I am grateful for how beautiful it turned out, and how beautiful the cemetery is.
Kaylee told Grandpa that she hopes he still watches BYU play this year, and that she loves and misses him. Emmie told him she loved him and invited him to her dance recital and Jaynee...(Look below).
This pictures are a bit out of order, but here they are, all posing for a good pic. It was such a beautiful day.
This was Jaynee's letter to her grandpa. She still talks to me about him, how she misses him, and how he "fixed" her arm. Jaynee broke her arm the day before grandpa fell, and he put a cast on it for her. This was one of the last procedures we know of him performing, and I of course still have the cast.
Getting all ready to let the balloons go, and a cute picture of Amy holding Landon.
And there they go. We watched them until they dissappeared. It was really pretty neat to see all of these little love letters go to grandpa, and Emmie and Jaynee were convinced that he got them. I am convinced he was watching and seeing the cute things they each wrote to him. Memorial day 2009 was such a different memorial day than I had ever experienced. It really meant so much to me. I am so grateful to have been surrounded by my family, all of whom felt the same way as I. We spent it together; that is the way we always did, and the way Dad would have wanted us to do it.