Monday, December 28, 2009

Look alike?

I took this picture after Jaynee and I had read books and she had fallen asleep. Most people think Ty looks like Emmie. What do you think? This picture sure makes my little Jaynee look big. It just shows how fast these little people grow!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A quiet Sunday afternoon

I must admit...I love being home all alone and enjoying this Sunday afternoon with my new little boy. I look at him and can't believe something can be so perfect, and be mine at the same time. Our Heavenly Father instills so much trust in us when he sends us these little spirits. There really is nothing better to me. Here are a few new pics from our day today. I was so excited to catch this little smile-I am sure he did it just for me!
Little tiny stink bug. Now weighing in at 6lbs. 3oz. I overheard Cam changing his diaper yesterday and heard him say "Dude, you gotta gain some weight!"

Sleeping in his little Lazy boy. This is actually called a Nap Nanny. Perfect for my little lazy boy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ty is here!!!

Ty made his grand entrance to the world on November 30, 2009 at 5:28pm, weighing a whopping 6 lbs 10 ounces (this is our biggest by 3 ounces) and 19 inches long. Labor began the night before for me, so this put us at 17 hrs! Crazy considering that Jaynee was only about 4 hours. However, I think he was posterior for most of the labor which caused it to go super slow! In the end, it was a wonderful delivery and super easy! Thank goodness for epidurals, good nurses, a great doctor and a supportive hubby!
This is his first picture after being all cleaned up!
I may look miserable, but I am so excited to be able to meet him soon!
My Dr. passing the little "football" off to his dad! I love my Dr!
Dr. Anderon and Ty meeting for the first time.
My first time meeting the little guy. He howled his little lungs out for the first 15 minutes until he spit up! I was hoping this is not a sign of things heading our way! My Dr. laughed and said that he loves that sound. He says he spends the first few minutes of life making sure they cry, and that mothers spend the rest of their lives trying to get them to quit!
Brand spankin new! My dad would say that he still had the price tag on him.
In the nursery getting all the yucky pokes and pricks, and then for the first bath. The nurse put the funniest little part in his hair when she was done! He was totally a little nerd, but so cute!
Grandma holding her newest (and probably last) little grand baby. I am sure it was hard for her to come without dad. They always came together to see and hold the new little ones. It was hard for me also, but I am sure he already knows this little guy!

Finally got his little boy.
Taking the little package home.
Do you think Jaynee likes him or what?
Kaylee is so great with him. It is nice to have older ones who understand a bit more about the whole baby thing. She is so in love with him, and gets so sad when he cries.
Emmie is such a natural little mother. I have no doubt that she will be so helpful!

Family (including Cam) pedicures!

ONLY a REAL man would allow three little girls to give him a pedicure!
Hmm, my kitchen floor needed to be cleaned anyway. This way, my kids had no idea they were cleaning it or they probably would have stopped!
This is right down her ally! She loves anything girly! He little feet barely even fit into the foot bath! So cute!
The night after Kaylee's party, Jaynee just couldn't stand the fact that she hadn't got to put her feet in the foot bath and have them all scrubbed and cleaned. SO...Kaylee decided she would give the family a spa night. This of course had to include Cam-the girls would only have it that way! Reluctantly he did it-but deep down, who wouldn't want to? This is why we can have 3 little girls-Cam is a great dad to participate.

Kaylee Jo's 9th Birthday

Since I had no idea when Ty would be making his arrival, we decided to go ahead and celebrate Kaylee's birthday one week early. We decided on a "spa night". It really was fun and I am so happy that it worked so well. I borrowed some foot baths from friends and family and each little girl had a chance to have a pedicure (done by yours truly, 9 months large!) and then we put on glitter toes, ate individual little cheese cakes, had "sparkling drink" in goblets, made some bath salts and then opened presents. The girls seemed to have a great time, and I really had a fun time "playing" in the girls stuff with them.
This pic is the finished product-after pedicures and after they all had their glitter toes on.
Wow Kaylee-don't look so happy at your own party!
Savana and Emily drinking their sparkling drink and having a foot bath...what could be better!?
The glitter toes took quite a bit of time to dry so I made them sit there on my counter and blow them dry with a blow dryer. I found how to do them on the internet, and I think it looked really good-and so much cheaper!
Here they are getting their pedicures. They each told me that it tickled. I hope it at least felt good though! Actually, one of them let me know that this was the "best birthday party ever", so I felt pretty happy in the end. Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jazz game

I had the opportunity to go to a Jazz game and literally sat on the front row. I could have reached out and tripped the players. It was all thanks to Lisa Bastian who took a group of us; friends of cross country from high school. It was so much fun! I really didn't even know the players, but really, to be that close and to have the best seats in the house was quite amazing. Thanks Lisa for the fun opportunity!
This is the group of girls that I got to go with. We went up in the top of the Energy Solutions stadium before the game began, and ate this AMAZING food. A full course buffet with a killer dessert bar-my favorite of course.
This was after the game. I was pretty happy that little Ty wasn't born there-Cam mentioned that he didn't want to have to name him Kyle Korver! From left to right (Lisa's friend) Lisa, me, Summer, Kelly, Shelby.
Here it is for all of you fans of Kyle. I was sitting right behind him for a few minutes. Then went down on the floor for the rest of the game.
I had to take a picture of the huddle. We were laughing because during one time out, they had the clip board out, they all took a knee and made it look like they were talking, but they weren't. Nobody said a word-not even the coaches. They all just huddled around "posing" as if they were scheming a plan. I wonder how often that really happens?
See how close? I really had to refrain from sticking my feet out on "accident!" It was so fun!

Landon's surgery

n November, Am'y baby Landon had surgery to remove a portion of his lung that had a cyst growing since he was about 7 weeks in gestation. The surgery went well, but his recovery was brutal! They had an incredibly hard time finding the right medications to keep him comfortable. He also had to be sedated because he would thrash around and try and pull his tubes out; he had an arteriole line, an IV, a chest tube that went all the way from the side of his body clear up to almost his clavicle and then little probes on his chest and back that would monitor his vitals. He would get so mad and in pain, especially from the chest tube, that he would try and pull them all out! This was such a process for Amy and Carter, and so hard to watch him go through. But now, he is about 3 weeks post surgery and back to his normal little self! So happy that all went well and that he is healthy and won't be plagued with this his whole life. This was the day after his surgery when he was still doing really well. Look at his little "boxing gloves" so that he can't get to his IV and arteriole line to pull them out.
We were laughing at how he was looking at us when they transported him from the PICU to the regular floor. His look says "where are you going, and don't you dare think about leaving me...I'm watching you." Notice the ball. There is ALWAYS a ball when Landon is around.
This was after he took his nose dive. He would fall asleep for just a few minutes at a time in the craziest positions. Mom and I spent two days there hoping to allow Amy and Carter to get some sleep.
This was when he was so heavily sedated. He had to have his ball, and then he would sit up, open his eyes for two seconds, and then doze while sitting up, then fall over and sleep for 3-4 minutes. This process literally went on for 24 hours or more.
I loved this shot, it depicted the scenario perfectly-he is asleep, but if you tried to cover him up with blankets and take the ball to help make him more comfortable, he would immediately wake up and start the whole process over. I wish I had pictures of the day he was discharged, so that we can see how much better he looks, but for now, we know he is home and healthy.

Tooth Fairy for Emmie

This was a letter that Emmie wrote to the tooth Fairy. She mentions that our dog is not scary because the last time she lost a tooth, it seems as though that silly tooth fairy forgot and then secretly went into the living room and hid some money under a pillow on the couch, and I just luckily found it and showed Emmie that it was under the couch, and made the assumption that she must have gotten scared of the dog, and left it in the front room. Good thing Emmie let her know that our whoosey little white fur ball is not scary! Way to go mom! Wish I could figure out how to turn the picture the right way!

Halloween 2009

Hungry? Between the ward's trunk or treat, daddy's office and trick or treating the neighborhood, they had enough to feed an army! Look how happy a pile of candy can make them!
This was after the whole day of activities, so they look a bit hammered. This was taken at Amy's house after they went trick or treating with their cousins. Halloween was a bit more quiet for us this year. I let me girls know that I would not buy any costume, they had to come up with them on their own. I found myself giving into Jaynee's request to be "fumbelina" and bought her costume, but the other two found their own. So we had Thumbelina, a gypsy and of course Hanna Montana.
This was taken at Cam's office. Jaynee was so convinced that this guy was real; look how she won't even get slightly close to him, and she wouldn't let Cam put her down or put her on the other side of him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Selling our house

This was inevitable. I love my neighborhood, my neighbors, my friends and my house, but we just feel like it is time for us to move closer to mom and family and work. I thought I would post the pics that we posted on the MLS, just for fun. Cam worked so hard on our basement and this is a good way to show off all that he did.
Kitchen-obviously. But, I have to say, this is one of my favorite parts of the house. I love my kitchen and my walk in pantry, my big island/bar and just the layout of the room.
Our bedroom-SO RED! No, we are Cougar fans, and didn't paint it red-it was painted that way before we bought it, but it is fun.

The family room and computer nook (not shown).
Our newly finished laundry room, hallway from stairwell and entrance to playroom. See the window? That was new-our neighbor came over and helped Cam cut it out and pop it in-in only about an hour. It makes the biggest difference!

This was inevitable. I love my neighborhood, my neighbors, my friends and my house, but we just feel like it is time for us to move closer to mom and family and work. I thought I would post the pics that we posted on the MLS, just for fun. Cam worked so hard on our basement and this is a good way to show off all that he did.