Friday, April 2, 2010

On March 4, 2010 Nigel Olsen was killed while serving our country in Afghanistan. He was in our ward and I can remember him as a child. I seriously recall him talking about being a soldier, and I think he was only 3 or 4. It was what he wanted to be his whole life! He was only 21 when he died. We owe so much to him and others just like him for giving their LIFE! When I found out they would be flying his body into the Provo airport I checked my kids out of school and drove down to be there to meet the plane. It was such an incredible experience. So reverent! Here are some pictures. They truly can't capture the reverence and spirit that was there, but I wanted to post it anyway. This was the entrance to the airport. I had chills! These are the "freedom riders" that ride around the country to show support and protect the families and bodies of these fallen soldiers. It is all volunteer and I believe many of them are veterens themselves.
They all stood straight forward, saluting and so reverent as Nigel's family drove in the gates. This was an amazing site to see.

When the plane pulled up and they opened the hatch, the first one we saw was Nigel's dad Todd. It was so touching to see him sit in the plane as the escort. He flew back the day before to Rhode Island (I think) so that he could fly his son's body home. I can't imagine.

The marines did such a beautiful job. So precise, so reverent and so respectful.

This is his beautful family. Todd and Kim (parents) are in the middle. I am amazed with his family and am grateful for Todd and Kim for allowing their son to serve our country.

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